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[why do all of our languages make it so difficult to unit test?]

how do you make money in computing? three things: a) make data input easy for once where it was very difficult, b) fancy data output or c) create data input/output for scenarios where it was previously impossible (e.g. podlnk


[some questions i ask about businesses]

[lessons learned from stupid stuff]

[on naming and terminology]

[optimizations and other neat things i like]

[ioc is nothing special]

[nppes mirror page]

[i'm not a huge fan of object-orientation, here's why]

rule number one: do not consider a bare url that performs side-effects! always require a post request to perform side-effects. (e.g., having a url that says and at the very least, do not put it as a real link...

[thoughts on making money]

[thoughts on optimization]

[my article on why a queue in a database is bad]

[an introduction to an article where i try to describe an interesting anti-pattern: the abstract database structure]

in fact, Something Good, Very Particular, Man! page 157 page 132